3 Reasons You Need to Start Offering School Photography This Year!

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School photography can get you in front of a large group of your ideal clients quickly.

I’m serious! If you are struggling to find your ideal clients, it’s time to start thinking about where their kids go to school! I made some significant changes to my business last year and one of them was really honing in on who my ideal client is. I decided that, while I love kids and want all the families to have amazing photos on their walls, I needed to figure out which families could help me reach the goals I’d set for my business.

That led me to realize that my ideal clients are willing and able to spend more money on the things that matter to them, like great photography and private schools. When I decided school photography was going to be part of my business plan, I knew I had to find the schools that had those families in them and, let me tell you, it was worth it! Not only did I find families that were willing to invest in great school photos (one family spent almost $800 on their daughter’s photos!!), I started getting inquiries for family sessions, grandparents who wanted to gift entire sessions to their kids and parents referring me to their other children’s schools!

You have an opportunity to offer something unique to schools.

Every time my own children bring home an order form for school photos, I groan and order one of the cheapest packages, knowing they’re not going to be great photos but feeling like it’s my motherly duty to get them anyways. What if you could change that experience for families by getting rid of those stupid forms altogether, giving parents incredible and authentic photos of their child to choose from and offering high quality products that parents want to display on their walls (and even give out as gifts)?! Schools (and parents) would be lining up to get on your calendar!

School photography is a perfect way to make money during slow season.

As I write this post, the temperature is currently below zero degrees and it’s gloomy outside. It is rare that my family photography clients want to book me in the middle of the winter. I am all about those epic Colorado summer sunsets and fall colors and so are my clients, and I’m totally ok with that! But that means there are months on end where I need to get creative with bringing in money.

Offering school photography has allowed me to make thousands of dollars during slow season, in a really fun (and easy) way. Following the exact steps that I take to find schools and deliver an amazing experience (and photos) could mean the difference between you having to pick up work you don’t love, just to pay the bills, and having extra money to set aside for that family vacation you’ve always dreamed of! Doesn’t that sound amazing?

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