As a former early childhood educator and a mom to three, I understand that each child is unique and special in so many ways. My goal as a fine art school photographer is to provide photos of each individual child that capture who they really are. I'm not into forcing smiles or saying "cheese" because let's face it; that just doesn't provide images that reflect who they really are! Instead, I provide a personal and fun experience that helps each child to relax. That means I might capture their sweet giggle, a thoughtful stare or that little hair twirl they always do with their finger. Those are the things we want to remember, right?

Fine Art
School Photos

I offer a full start to finish school photography experience that is easy for schools and puts beautiful fine art photos in the hands of parents. 

I will provide your school with all the information to email to parents prior to picture day. I'll work with staff to get each class scheduled and names printed ahead of time so we are ready to go the day of. School photography galleries are delivered entirely online, where payment is also taken, which means there are no envelopes or money for teachers to collect! Each child will be provided 2-5 images, presented in both color and black and white. Families can choose their favorite photos and order with a click of a button. I also provide boutique product choices such as canvas gallery wraps and digital images for future printing and archiving.

I offer competitive rates with packages and a-la-carte products that appeal to a variety of budgets. This personalized school photography experience comes at no cost to the school and I often find ways to give back. 

Yes and I love outdoor photos! I would love to work with you to figure out if there is an outdoor space at your school that provides good light. I would need a space that is fully shaded so children aren't looking into the sun or getting shadows on their faces.

I specialize in photographing children from 3 months through 6th grade and can work with schools as small as 20 children to as large as 350 children.

I can work with your school to accommodate what works best in your academic calendar. Many schools choose to offer photos twice a year to give families an opportunity to see their child's growth over the year. 

I take staff photos at no extra cost and offer discounted photos for any staff with children who attend the school.

Yes! I know that daycares, centers, preschools and elementary schools are doing incredible work every single day and I would love to capture that work for you with my camera. Schools may use these photos as artwork displayed on the walls, for websites and brochures and even to submit along with grant applications. Contact me to see a portfolio and discuss what this could look like for your program.

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This is going to be amazing, trust me! Parents, children and school staff are going to be thrilled to receive such fun and authentic pictures. So let's take the next step together and get you on my 2021-2022 calendar!

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