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I'm Jenny - photographer, mother and adventure-lover.

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I'm a laid-back, adventure-loving, creative mom to three amazing kids. I've spent most of my life with a camera in my hand and surrounded by kids (or other parents). I love to learn and grow and always strive to be a better wife, mom, friend and photographer.  I'm willing to do the work to get there and find beauty even in the challenges along the way. I value authenticity, which is why I'll never ever ask you to "say cheese" or make you do anything you don't want to do.

You're laid-back and love simplicty, the outdoors and trying new things. You love being a parent and are honest about the struggles and messiness that comes with it. You value authenticity over perfection. You support local artists and trust me to capture everything that makes your family unique. Oh, and you absolutely want to get incredible photos of your family on the walls of your home without a lot of hassle, because we all know how hard you already work! 

About You:

I come from a huge family—the ninth of ten kids!— and have spent most of my life surrounded by people. I have so many fond memories of being with my family, laughing, and having adventures together. I think this is one reason I love photographing other families, so I can capture their most precious memories too.

I'm from a huge family!

I love getting out into nature as much as I possibly can! I’m a born and raised, water-loving Minnesota girl who fell in love with the people and mountains of Colorado when I moved here in 2011. My most favorite thing is to watch the sun set over a beautiful spot. I have been known to drive way too fast up winding roads to catch the moments before the sun drops behind the mountains. 

Nature is my jam.

When I was growing up, the thing I wanted to be more than anything else, was a mom. As it turned out, I got married at 23, had my first baby just before I turned 25 and my youngest when I was 30. This whole parenting gig is a LOT of work but I wouldn't trade it for anything! 

I have 3 of the most amazing kids!

I have always loved spending my time and energy with kids so that's what I went to college for. I have my bachelor's degree and teaching license in early childhood education and early childhood special education. Over the years, I have worked as an infant, preschool and kindergarten teacher. I've also led children's ministry teams and mom's groups through church and taught parenting classes in lots of settings.

I really love kids and have worked with them forever!

When the pandemic hit this year, I was finishing up my last year of teaching kindergarten. When I switched to emergency remote teacher/homeschool mom, I decided I needed a new hobby to bring some sanity to my life. I found an online abstract watercolor painting class and discovered a new love! I seriously cannot get enough!

I have a new pandemic hobby!






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My hope is that my clients end each session feeling like they had a blast and were able to be themselves. During our time together, I often take time to stand back a little so I can just capture you being you. I will also jump in with lots of ideas to help you feel comfortable and capture natural poses or to help the sun shine on you in the the most flattering way.

As a lifestyle photographer, I am a huge fan of all things real and authentic and that comes out in my photos. My favorites are almost always the ones that weren't planned, the ones where kids are running away, the laughing gets uncontrollable or I catch a little glimpse of something that accentuates the stage of life or personality of
my client. 

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