This whole parenting gig is SO. MUCH. WORK! As a mom to three kids, I understand. Some days are hard and messy and it can be difficult to see the beautiful. But then, on other days, you get to see it...your sweet little baby finally sleeps through the night. Your toddler snuggles up in your lap and twirls your hair with her finger. Your kids play nicely on the floor while you drink an ENTIRE cup
of coffee! 

your beautiful adventure

As a Denver + Boulder photographer who values all things real and authentic, I need to tell you, I'm here for all of it! I want to capture the beautiful adventure that is this season of your life. I see beauty in the smiles, the tears and everything in between and I want to get photos on your walls that remind you every day just how incredible this adventure of life truly is. 


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Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm a lifestyle photographer living right between Denver and Boulder in beautiful Colorado and I can't wait to get to know you. I come from a huge family and have spent most of my life surrounded by people (especially kids), with a camera in hand, getting out into nature as much as I possibly can. I'm absolutely overjoyed that I get to combine these passions in my job as a professional photographer. If you're looking for a photographer to capture the beauty and personalities of you and your loved ones in an authentic way, I'm your girl! Drop me a line and I'd love to get to know you and share my heart a bit more! 

mama & wife with a passion for capturing your every day adventures and milestone moments.

About Jenny

hey beautiful

- Ann & matt

"Working with Jenny is a joy. My most precious and loved photos come from her time with my family. She can capture the love of family with each photo of a smile, a hand hold, a hug." 

- Liz & Will

"We did family photos with Jenny and she was a trooper through our crazy ideas! She hiked with us and our two kids (baby and 6 yr-old), took amazing candid and posed photos of the 4 of us, and was up for a costume change as dusk was settling in. Her photos are up on our walls and are some of our most cherished."

- Taniuska & mark

"Jenny was able to get some incredible pictures of my kiddos despite their tiny spirited selves and the cold weather. She’s easy going and puts this awkward photo taking Mom and Dad at ease. I love how natural the shoot felt and how reassuring she was that we would in fact get some great pictures. Pictures are an investment but I’ve never regretted getting to see my family captured just as they were frozen in time!!!"

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Do you know what you want? Have a date in mind? Like what you see? Then let's do this! I would love to hear from you and get started on this adventure together with you. This is going to be so much fun!

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- unknown

“One day, all your children will have is pictures of you. Make sure you’re in them. No matter what your hair looks like, your makeup, or your body, they won’t care about any of that, they’ll just want to see you.”

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